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Superior Engineering Services

Our Services

Why We’re Different

At Lubin Elite Engineering, we base our services on four (4) core values: quality, customer service, relationships, & results. It’s not just about the engineering – it’s about the clients and giving them a place where they can rely on our team to deliver exactly what they need. Our ability to be able to communicate with clients quickly and effectively helps make the engineering process more efficient overall.

We are also able to adapt to a client’s evolving needs or any changes. Lubin Elite empowers our clients to feel in control of their project while we serve their needs and help streamline the process as their project unfolds into their creative vision.

We bring our years of professionalism and experience to efficiently solve project challenges and build designs that make a difference in communities. Providing site & civil engineering, we are adept in providing services in a wide range of areas. Whether a business needs water and sewer systems, floodplain compensation modeling, construction management, or technical engineering evaluation & reports, our team is fully equipped to find the best solution.

Our innovative services allow for a wide variety of designs, calculations, and reports to evaluate the full spectrum of a project. Every document that leaves Lubin Elite is Gold Star Certified, and every client leaves feeling as though Lubin Elite is the best company to go to when they have a project. Our other goal is to have unmatched time frames and competitive prices so customers can get the best deal possible.

  • Due Diligence / Site Investigations
  • Site Planning
  • Zoning / Entitlements
  • Conceptual Plans
  • Site Development Plans
  • Construction Documents
  • Cost Estimations
  • Lighting Analysis
  • Roadway Design
  • Pavement Marking and Signage Design
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Floodplain Compensation Modeling
  • Site Grading & Drainage Design
  • Technical Engineering Evaluations/Reports
  • Earthwork Calculations
  • Pump Station Design
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Jurisdictional Permitting & Approval Coordination
  • Five-Year Drainage Certification/Recertification